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Notes from the Trip: DriveAfrica / AfricaDrive 20160824

DriveAfrica / AfricaDrive 20160824

0824 512km 32L p240
0824 801km 11L p144
0824 1161km 20L p203
0825 1549km 22L Kw
0825 1877km 23L Kw
0826 2384km 30L kw300
0827 2857km 28L ts
0827 3210km 31L ts
0828 4053km 36L ts72000
0829 4538km 28L K2700
0829 5127km 25L K2500 not full
0830 5594km 44L K44000
0831 6190km 35L K70000
0831 6671km 27L K52038
0901 7325km 43L K85000
0902 7859km 27L Mk21500
0903 8449km 12L Mk 9600 not full
0903 8628km 18L usd20 not full
0903 8747km 22L zar300
0903 9146km 16L usd20 not full
0904 9742km 51L R647
0904 10210km 20l 

R50  2xhippo
R200 Tanzania service fee
R200 room

K200 petrol
R600 Tanzania big room TS80,000 above
R100 sim card, data (given back)

4:00 leave Pretoria
8:30 Botswana, Groblersbrug
17:00 Kasane Botswana/Zambia Border
ZAR 1500 ( K100 Ferry, other)
Stay Livingstone K200 for room with shower, toilet, nice fan
Eat naan and 2x Mosi beers
Spar, shoprite, steers, Stanbic ATM

8am Victoria falls
Zar 360 entrance 
11:30am leave for Lusaka
Pemba strange mounts of sand:
Elephant graveyard?
Big ant hills?
Fuel, no take credit card
100km from Lusaka lots of potholes
Termite mounts point north

Kabwe to Tanzania border hopefully 11 house
1st tollgate K10 did not charge was included in usd20 charge
Lots pivot farming "the white farmers"
Harvey tile branding, think about it?
1st bribe/contribution request of K10 (usd1) we replied" No thank you"
Tanzanian border r1400+r200+r100
1 hour time change from 20h to 21h

Tanzania Mbeya to Nairobi
Wrong road too much east
15 minutes police discuss route
50km dirt road/construction
Makambako: 1st speeding fine 62km/h (50km/h) 
TS30,000 = ZAR200
Dodoma: first police request for reflective triangle
Getting tiring, short thoughts
Of how we going to make it home? Car going to last?
Need to remember salaries!
Rametsi, what to do?!
Enough money for petrol?
How expensive is this going to be?
2nd fine 55km/h ZS30,000
Just paid ZS15,000 (ZAR100) non fine

Dream: in car, brunette, dawie ask salaries, chael hooter wakeup
House of parliament
Dodoma to Arusha (Kilimanjaro)
Honey bought zs100,000
Great, Ask police directions before they ask stuff
All Tuscan hipped roof, exposed trusses
Rem: tapered, cylindrical jojo tank with lid, to collect water from roof 
1st white people on safari close to Arusha
18h20 Kilimanjaro 66km to east see it!!
Kenya car de passage
Usd340 + R100 + R100 + R 50 or 20% car deposit but then service fee

Start at 4:12
Got data to whatsapp
Wifi at hotel Moyale

Kenya/ Ethiopia border: do not have Ethiopian visa...
Yesterday was the first day we suffered to decide what we were going to do...
Today we can not go further...
Strange, some planning can assist. But sometimes it is not in your hands... No border visa 
Bike knee guards strange
Drove till 3am to Arusha in Tanzania

Arusha slept in car by fuel station
6am to ngorogoro 
To mbeya via google map western road.
Started sand road 16h
Had braai, mielies, beer
2x buses overturned barring road
Climbed over side of road ( 4x4!!!!)
Worst, longest, dirt road in life!!!! If one can survive this!!!!

Arrived Mbeya on way to Malawi ( drove right through night/ hallucinations
Into Malawi
Yellow fewer 10 days?!??
Chitimba lodge
Pig, beers

Leave for south malawai, to go moz, zim

Stayed over monkey bay, rikki, diane
Very spiritual place
Would like to come here again
Intercape to here R800
It is what it is!
Heading for zim via moz
Human rights laywer
Hakuna matata 
Into moz, into zimbabwe

0824 SA: buffelss, implala, warthog, Baobab (kremetart) lading
0824 BW: Steenbokke, elephants, giraffe, impala, kremetart/baobab
Car problems 20160824
Ignition switch sticks
Aircon goes off
Right mirror glass loose 

Own notes:
Can make it from Pretoria to Lusaka, Botswana in 1 day.
Leave 4am, Zambia border 5pm, drive 5 hours lusaka 10pm

Keep Polo, give citi back to moh, dont pay....
Pay r1500 for old beige golf... Or show moh what i spent: R750 windscreen, Radiator, handles, service, odometer....

Addis Ababa to Cape Town

Helfin: Insurance letter. Why Not zambia?

Jimmy get:
Brrr shocker
Led light passage 
Granadilla seeds
Lemon tree seeds

Usb music copy

Own notes:
Terry not leave... Employ her
Go to zim with her
Stay in more backpackers with kids
Take the bus
Show Africa
Make them not scared of africa
Read books
Take it slower
It is what it is
You can achieve nearly anything
East block
If u make a friend u r safe
Partners compliment one another 

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